Specialist woodland management

South East Forestry

Specialist woodland management

The skilled team at South East Forestry can also carry out a range of woodland tasks, including rhododendron clearance, invasive species removal, woodland ride creation and management, wildlife management and large-scale Ash dieback clearance.

All our work is carried out in house, using our own modern, well-maintained machinery and highly qualified staff, allowing us to control the quality of our service from the initial site visit to the removal of the timber and the reinstatement of the site. Whether we are clear-felling several acres or carefully removing one invasive species with hand-held chainsaws, the work is done with unwavering attention to detail.

Woodland Management

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Where possible the timber we harvest is put into the construction, furniture or fencing markets, locking in the carbon and creating jobs in the local rural economy. This adds value to a woodland product that might otherwise have ended up as biofuel.

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