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Woodland management 

Practical, environment-focused solutions for woodland owners across the South East of England

Unmanaged woodland is not just untidy but bad for wildlife and the environment. It’s also a wasted resource – one that could provide you with a valuable income stream.

South East Forestry is a long-established, experienced, family-run woodland management company that works with landowners to revive woodland and create new wildlife habitats.

Our expert team has the skills and experience to extract maximum value from the timber we harvest, allowing us to offer you the best possible value for your woodland.

From our initial site visit onwards, we work in partnership with you, building on your ideas and ambitions for your woodland and helping you maximise the potential it offers.

South East Forestry carries out all work using its own team and its own, modern machinery. By not using sub-contractors we can guarantee the quality of the workmanship, and with our own sawmill at Hawkhurst in Kent we can extract maximum value from the timber we harvest.

We have full public liability insurance, a comprehensive health and safety policy and all other required documentation and accreditations and we arrange all the necessary licences with the Forestry Commission.

South East Forestry

Our Forestry and Woodland Management Services


Initial Site Visit and Woodland Report

Timber felling/harvesting extraction


Organising felling licences

Reinstatement AND post harvesting works

Creating workable infrastructure

Marketing timber

South East Forestry is always looking to buy standing woodland of all types and grades and provides a complete range of woodland and forestry services.

We are looking to buy

  • Oak
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Ash
  • Sycamore
  • Silver Birch
  • All other  hardwoods and Softwoods

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Where possible the timber we harvest is put into the construction, furniture or fencing markets, locking in the carbon and creating jobs in the local rural economy. This adds value to a woodland product that might otherwise have ended up as biofuel.

We care for the environment