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Site Visits

Site visits

The first stage in any South East Forestry woodland management project is to visit the owner and discuss with him or her the potential benefits of improving the site, harvesting some of the timber and delivering maximum value to the landowner.

South East Forestry founder Jon Davies personally walks the land with the owner or his representative, using his experienced eye to spot potential uses for the timber that will allow him to offer the best price. Jon can very often spot opportunities – and revenue – that the landowner has overlooked.

The site appraisal is free and is a vital part of the South East Forestry approach. It’s a chance to discuss what we can do legally and logistically and how we can maximise the value of your woodland. It allows us to balance the needs of the woodland with the owner’s objectives and what is possible and practical.

We will also assess the woodland’s location and what infrastructure is available to allow us to carry out the work and use our experience to create a plan to tackle any obstacles there are.

South East Forestry Site Visits

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Where possible the timber we harvest is put into the construction, furniture or fencing markets, locking in the carbon and creating jobs in the local rural economy. This adds value to a woodland product that might otherwise have ended up as biofuel.

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