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South east forestry creates solutions for the ever growing number of woodland owners across the southeast of England. 


Practical woodland management 

At South East Forestry we pride ourselves on providing practical workable solutions for neglected woodland. 

From an initial site visit to assess the woodland; we take into account your ideas and ambitions for the woodland in both the short and long term.

Whether you have a sporting, shooting, amenity, commercial or more often than not all of these interests in your woodland, with our realistic and practical approach we will achieve what is possible in your woodlands.

The fact that we carry out the work ourselves means that we have the knowledge, experience and understanding of what can and can not be achieved both physically, economically and with the Forestry Commission approval. 

A large percentage of woodland consists of a mixture of different grades of timber. With various markets for timber, firewood, biomass and woodland grown products this often enables us to make a previously unworkable woodland into a viable proposition. 

Our Forestry and Woodland Management Services


Initial Site Visit and Woodland Report

Timber felling / harvesting extraction


Organising felling licences

Reinstatement post harvesting works

Creating workable infrastructure

Marketing of round timber

South East Forestry are always looking to purchase large quantities of woodland grown standing timber of all grades, hardwood and softwood. 

South East Forestry provide a complete range of woodland and forestry services.

Species of Interest for Harvesting

  • Oak
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Ash
  • Sycamore
  • Silver Birch
  • All other hardwoods
  • All Softwoods


Initially we implement a practical woodland management plan and have a site visit with the woodland owner

We will take into consideration the woodlands needs, your objectives and what is actually possible.

Assessing the woodlands location and to see if there is any existing infrastructure to facilitate future works. More often than not there is little or no infrastructure to facilitate the works that will be carried out.

We have the knowledge to create practical solutions to carry out the works safely and efficiently.

South East Forestry

Managing Woods and Forests for Future Generations

Once a plan been implemented the next step is to organise the felling licences which are tailored to the proposed woodland works. 

Wether it be felling and extracting or conservation based invasive species removal, this will either be done mechanically or with chainsaw motor manual, depending on timber species and woodland type. Often this is a combination of both methods due to the varying nature of unmanaged woodland. 


With the fragmentation of many farms and estates this often leads to the unmanaged woodlands that we see today. Prior to this these woodlands where often managed by the estates agricultural workforce during the winter months.

With a vast amount of woodland being unmanaged for many years the likely results are that Woodland coppice areas start to fail and fall over.

To much competition in high forest stands leads to a deceleration or stunting of timber growth.


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Where possible timber harvested by South East Forestry is put into the construction, furniture or fencing markets.
This extends the carbon life of the timber and creates many  jobs in the local rural economy. This adds value to a woodland product that may otherwise have  ended up as Woodfuel.
We care for the Environment