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Woodland and Forest Products for Sale

Wood Products

We Provide a huge variety of different woodland and forest products for sale.

Seasoned Wood Products & Building Materials

Logs for Sale

Green Oak for Sale

Sawn Oak

25 ton loads of firewood for sale

26 ton loads of chip wood or biomass timber for sale

26 ton loads of round timber

26 ton loads of sawlogs

Artisan and Landscaping wood products

Tree trunks

Tree logs

Tree branches

Tree stumps

Wood for landscaping

Wood with bark on

Alternative Wood Products

Wooden stepping stones

Wood for animal enclosures & zoos

Wood for children's play grounds

Tree crowns

Green ash for green ash woodworking

Timber for TV, Film and Media set building

South East Forestry are always looking to purchase large quantities of woodland grown standing timber of all grades, hardwood and softwood. 

South East Forestry provide a complete range of woodland and forestry services.

Species of Interest for Harvesting

  • Oak
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Ash
  • Sycamore
  • Silver Birch
  • All other hardwoods
  • All Softwoods


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Where possible timber harvested by South East Forestry is put into the construction, furniture or fencing markets.
This extends the carbon life of the timber and creates many  jobs in the local rural economy. This adds value to a woodland product that may otherwise have  ended up as Woodfuel.
We care for the Environment